What are the benefits of US Bank

What are the benefits of US Bank


What are the benefits of US Bank: You want it all – overdraft protection tools, rewards for growing your money and the option to use checks. Benefits: Banking essentials + rewards. Transfer money, set alerts and more, plus get access to Smart Rewards.

What are the benefits of US Bank

Get U.S. Bank Smartly Checking benefits.

All users of the account get to enjoy:

  • Checking earns interest.
  • Overdrafts under $50 are free.
  • A program for overdrawn balances over $50.
  • U.S. Bank ATMs charge no transaction fees.
  • If you meet any of these, your Monthly Maintenance Fee will be waived.

To waive your Monthly Maintenance Fee, meet any of these:

  • Are under 24, over 65, or in the military (must self-disclose).
  • Have at least $1,000 in monthly direct deposits.
  • Keep a $1,500 minimum balance in your account.
  • Maintain a U.S. Bank consumer credit card.

You can join for free.

  • Joining our Smart Rewards program is completely free, and as your account balance increases, you will progress automatically through each of our four levels of the program.
  • The total balances in these consumer accounts are added together to determine the current level of rewards and benefits you are eligible for.
  • Accounts for checking (or multiple accounts)
  • Accounts for saving money and/or trading money on the market
  • Investments such as CDs and IRAs
  • Both U.S. Bancorp Investments, which is a subsidiary of U.S. Bank, and Personal Trust Accounts are available to customers.

Boost Smart Rewards

When you combine a Bank Smartly Checking account with a credit card from U.S. Bank, you will be eligible for exclusive cash-back deals from Smart Rewards across all of your preferred brands and categories.

Enhance your loan.

If you have an open account at any of the following financial institutions, you are immediately promoted to the Primary tier of service.

  • Mortgage from a bank in the United States of America
  • A loan secured by the homeowner’s equity
  • A line of credit secured by the equity in your home.
  • Unsecured personal loan (non-secured personal loan)
  • This benefit does not apply to credit cards offered by U.S. Bank, personal lines of credit that are unsecured, student loans, or Simple Loans.

Compare rewards and benefits.

1. Use one of these to easily waive monthly maintenance fees:

  • Average account balance over $1,500
  • Open, qualifying U.S. Bank consumer credit card
  • Monthly direct deposits over $1,000

2. Join Smart Rewards with your Bank Smartly checking account. Enjoy special discounts and benefits for saving, spending, and borrowing for the future.

Ready for more rewards? You automatically advance through this four-tiered program by combining eligible account balances. With an open and eligible loan, you can automatically qualify for Premium.

taken $50 or less? When you link an eligible account to your checking account, you get $50 overdrawn available balance threshold and waived Overdraft Protection Transfer Fee.

3. Overdrawn over $50? Our Overdraft Fee Forgiven program will backup your backup. Before 11pm ET on the day you are charged, make a qualifying deposit(s) to waive fees.

  • Set up account alerts for low balances to avoid overdraft fees.
  • Standard deposit insurance coverage is $250,000 per depositor, per ownership category, per FDIC-insured bank.
  • You have industry-leading encryption.
  • Zero fraud liability for unauthorised transactions.
  • Set up account alerts for unusual activity.

4. Track your spending categories and set alerts with the U.S. Bank Mobile App. To make smart spending and investing decisions, get customised market insights. Use our goal planner to estimate how much you’ll need for your next passion project, special trip, home down payment, or family addition.

5. Easily link all your accounts, including other banks, using our mobile app. Our budgeting tool and personalised insights will help you understand your finances.


Banking-free month. Fast maintenance fee checking Enjoy annual Safe Deposit Box rentals, free paper statements, and 50% off Personal and U.S. Bank logo checks.

young adults

  • Monthly bank-free smarts M
  • For six months, new Standard Savings accounts get four free non-U.S. Bank ATM transaction fees per statement period.
  • 2 international wire transfer fees waived.


  • Monthly no-charge checking
  • Four non-U.S. ATM fees per statement are free.
  • Free standard monthly savings


  • Veterans and active duty enrol automatically.
  • Monthly free Bank Smartly checking account maintenance
  • Free Money Orders, Stop Payments, Cashier’s Checks, 50% off U.S. Bank logo or personal Check
  • Re-orders, and annual Safe Deposit Box rental.

workplace financial

  • Statements free two non-U.S. ATM fees.
  • Reorder US Bank logo or personal checks and get 50% off Safe Deposit Boxes.


  • Stat-farm Alliance partners offer benefits. US Bank products are not Alliance Customer Group-allowed. Main enrolment automation
  • Monthly bank free Staying knowledgeable
  • Month without worries US Bank Elite Money Market first-year fees uncapped. Four free non-U.S.
  • ATM transactions.

Wealth management- customer

  • Fund managers focus
  • Prestige concierge
  • Funny loans
  • Tickets to events
  • Raises move and fund caps
  • Test PWN for free

U.S. Bank Global Transition Solutions

  • Lower MUFF Bank customer referral programs US Bank Global Transition Solutions.
  • Prime minimum default

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