How to Open account in Pnc Bank in USA

How to Open account in Pnc Bank in USA


How to Open account in Pnc Bank in USA: Consumers want a reliable and reputable bank whether they’re switching banks or starting out. Example: PNC Bank. It has over a century of history and many accredited awards. It was named Best Overall Student Bank and Best Private Bank in the last two years.

How to Open account in Pnc Bank in USA

PNC Bank Account Opening Requirements

Online PNC Bank accounts are only available to U.S. residents over 18. Other new customers must visit their local branch. A U.S. address and two forms of identification are needed. Note that online applications only accept three ID types:

  • US driver’s licences
  • State-issued IDs
  • IDs from the military
  • Verification of this information will determine account approval.

How to Open account in Pnc Bank in USA

PNC Bank accounts can be opened in-branch, but applying online is faster.

PNC Online Account Setup: How?

  • Steps for new customers to register:
  • Visit PNC Bank online.
  • Select an account
  • Fill out the above personal information.
  • Besides the above information, PNC will collect an email and phone number for contact.

PNC Bank Checking Accounts and Fees

  • PNC Bank checking accounts are now “Virtual Wallets.” The bank is now digital-first, allowing customers to manage their finances on their phones.
  • All checking accounts require $25 deposits. Each account earns interest. There are no fees for using PNC-owned ATM’s, but charges may apply outside the network.
  • Customers can choose from three checking accounts.

Virtual Wallet

The standard Virtual Wallet with PNC Bank reimburses customers for two non-PNC ATM charges and up to $5 in ATM surcharges per statement cycle. The $7 monthly fee for this account can be waived if customers meet one of the following:

  • At least $500 monthly direct deposits
  • Minimum $500 monthly balance in PNC primary and secondary checking accounts
  • Being over 62.

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Virtual Wallet for Performance Spending

The Virtual Wallet with Performance Spend covers the first four non-PNC ATM charges and up to $10 per statement cycle for surcharges. If any of the following applies, the $15 monthly fee is waived:

  • At least $2,000 monthly direct deposits
  • Monthly PNC checking account balances of $2,000 or more
  • All PNC deposits must be $10,000.

Performance-selected virtual wallet

Performance Select’s Virtual Wallet doesn’t charge for non-PNC ATM’s. It also reimburses other bank surcharges up to $20. The standard monthly fee is $25. Achieving one of these conditions waives it:

  • At least $5,000 monthly direct deposits
  • Minimum $5,000 monthly PNC checking account balance
  • All PNC consumer and investing accounts must have $25,000 minimum.

Savings Accounts and Fees at PNC Bank

  • PNC Bank’s savings account can be linked to its Virtual Wallet for complete money management. Low Cash Mode alerts and increases overdraft flexibility.
  • Customers can also choose the Standard Savings Account or Premiere Money Market Account.

Savings Account Standard

No minimum balance and 6 free monthly withdrawals are available with the PNC Standard Savings Account. All PNC ATM usage is free, and the account auto-saves. Avoid $5 monthly fees by meeting one of the following conditions:

  • The average monthly balance exceeds $300.
  • Savings are linked to PNC checking.
  • Monthly auto-save is $25.
  • The account holder is under 18.

Top Money Market Account

The PNC Premiere Money Market Account requires $100 minimum balance. Same fee-free ATM, auto-save, and six free account withdrawals as Standard Savings Account.

  • This account’s higher interest rates, depending on balance, are its main benefit. Customers must contact PNC customer service for rates. Customers can avoid $12 monthly fees by:
  • With a $5,000 monthly balance, or
  • PNC checking account linkage.

Other PNC Bank Fees

PNC has many hidden fees. Examples include overdrafts, statements, and wire transfers. Before opening an account, read the terms.

In conclusion

When all the necessary documents are available, opening a PNC Bank account is easy. To avoid PNC fees, customers may need to closely monitor their accounts. There are accounts for most people, but the hidden costs and ATM fees may make you reconsider.

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