The Collected Stories Of Dorothy Parker Book PDF Free Download

The Collected Stories Of Dorothy Parker PDF by Franklin P Adams

The Collected Stories Of Dorothy Parker Books PDF Free Download

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The Collected Stories Of Dorothy Parker Book PDF Free Download
AuthorFranklin P Adams
File nameThe Collected Stories Of Dorothy Parker
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To be compared to Dorothy Parker has become the highest form of praise that can be paid almost any pro-fessional or stricdy amateur wit of our time. Such flat- tery through imitation has only served to emphasize the qualities of the original and to create a legend which
has grown more and more fabulous.

That legend has been spread all over the United States and has been re- sponsible for the injustice of attributing to Dorothy Parker much that is quite scintillating but far more that is spurious in American humor. The genuine article is to be found in the pages of this book.

Bom Dorothy Rothschild in West End, New Jersey, she received a mixed elementary education in a private school in Morristown and the Blessed Sacred Convent in New York.

Her first literary job was on Vogue, where she tried to amplify her salary of $10 a week by writing occasional verses. From 1917 to 1920 she acted as drama critic for Vanity Fair and became a frequent contributor to many magazines, particularly The New Yorker. In 1917 she was married to Edwin Pond Parker.

When Dorothy Parker’s first book of poetry, Enough Rope , was published in 1927, it achieved the unprece- dented distinction, for a volume of light verse, of be- coming a best seller overnight and established a national reputation for its author.

In 1927 she joined the staff of The New Yorker , and in 1928 her second book of verse.Sunset Gun , appeared. Two years later, her first venture in the field of the short story, Laments for the Living, was published, and was followed by her third and last book of poems, Death and Taxes. After Such Pleasures , a second book of prose, was issued in 1934.

Following a divorce from Edwin Parker, she married Alan Campbell, with whom she has worked in Holly- wood on many distinguished motion pictures. No note on her career can omit mention of her tireless labors and heartfelt devotion in behalf of the victims of Fascist tyranny.

Poets often write good prose; but never a writer of ex-cellent prose who is not, or has not been, a poet. That goes from Dryden to Parker. Conversely, the verbose, turgid, pretentious, confused poets write prose that is thus qualified.

Dorothy Parker’s stories are as tightly and compactly written as her verse the gay and the dismal-yew-gar- landed. More lasting than brass is the monument she has builded with her verse. My fame will rest, and rest safe, because in The Conning Tower of The World and
the New York Herald Tribune I printed the best as well as the most quoted of her poems.

I wish I had published some even one of these stories. Short stories they are, but only technically. Each is a novel, and in the unbridled hands of some of the wordier novelists and I could name you plenty would have become a novel of at least 500,000 words.

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