Dulux Paints Price List 2022 PDF

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Dulux Paints Price List 2022 PDF Download Free

Dulux Paints Price List
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Dulux Paints Price List PDF

Dulux Paints

Dulux is its most popular brand of its Decorative coatings business while the Performance Coatings business provides solutions to many industries and sectors including automotive, consumer electronics, power, aviation, shipping & leisure craft, construction, oil & gas, water & waste water, food & beverages, etc.

Its chemicals business in India sells more than 30 products grouped under organic peroxides, metal alkyls and Polymer additives to pharmaceutical companies, polymer producers, composite & rubber industry. Every year we try and introduce new products in India to further strengthen our position as an innovative specialty chemicals company.

With employee strength of close to 1,800, AkzoNobel India has manufacturing sites, offices and distribution network spread across the country.All its five manufacturing facilities have an ISO 14001 certification for environmental management system.

Its commitment to Health, Safety, Environment & Security (HSE&S) has been amongst the best in class globally, with due care being taken to protect the people and the environment.

Dulux Paints Emulsion Prices List 2022

Product PackagingPrice
Velvet Touch Platinum Glo 4 Litre1332
Premium Exterior Emulsion20 Litre4800
Weathershield Signature 25 KG3750
Weathershield Max 1 Litre304
Weathershield Tex25 KG1200
Super Clean 3 in 1 1 Litre277
Velvet Touch Platinum Glo20 Litre6506
Promise 1 Litre107
Weathershield Ultra Clean Professional20 Litre5060
SuperCover1 Litre212
Weathershield Max10 Litre2874
Premium Exterior Emulsion4 Litre1150
Velvet Touch Diamond Glo10 Litre4012
Weathershield Tile20 Litre4600
Weathershield Powerflexx4 Litre1426
Weathershield Waterproof20 Litre3297
Super Clean 3 in 1 10 Litre2709
Weathershield Protect10 Litre1935
Weathershield Waterproof4 Litre752
Weathershield Tile4 Litre1350
Weathershield Clear1 Litre350
Super Clean 3 in 14 Litre1087
Weathershield Powerflexx1 Litre405
Weathershield Powerflexx20 Litre6341
Promise10 Litre913
Weathershield Clear4 Litre1350
Weathershield Protect1 Litre213
Weathershield Powerflexx10 Litre3291
Weathershield Max4 Litre1185
Velvet Touch Platinum Glo4 Litre1332

Dulux Paints Primer Prices List 2022

Product PackagingPrice
Smoothover20 Litre2100
Promise Primer20 Litre3300
Weathershield Alkali Bloc10 Litre2100
Promise Primer10 Litre1850
Promise Primer20 Litre3300
Weathershield Alkali Bloc 20 Litre4050
Weathershield Alkali Bloc4 Litre800
Smoothover4 Litre465
Promise Primer10 Litre1850
Weathershield Alkali Bloc1 Litre220
Promise Primer4 Litre820
Smoothover15 Litre1651
Promise Primer4 Litre820

Dulux Paints Wall Texture Prices List 2022

Product PackagingPrice
Velvet Touch Italian Marble1 Litre429
Velvet Touch Trends NY Metallics1 Litre1035
Velvet Touch Trends Persian Silk1 Litre915
Velvet Touch Trends Glitter1 Litre772
Velvet Touch Irish Linen1 Litre919
Velvet Touch Trends1 Litre482

Dulux Paints Wood Finishes Prices List 2022

Duco PU Sealer Exterior1 Litre482
Woodguard PU Interior4 Litre2250
Woodguard Putty1 KG130
Woodguard PU Exterior4 Litre2500
Woodguard Interior Sealer4 Litre1150
Woodguard Interior Sealer1 Litre300
Duco PU Interior 4 Litre1765
Woodguard PU Exterior1 Litre670
Duco PU Sealer Interior1 Litre426
Duco PU Interior1 Litre453
Duco PU Exterior1 Litre506
Woodguard PU Exterior1 Litre650
Woodguard PU Interior1 Litre580
Duco 1K PU Clear1 Litre192
Duco PU Exterior4 Litre1972

Dulux Paints Enamel Prices List 2022

Product PackagingPrice
Satin Stay Bright4 Litre945
5 in1 Super Gloss10 Litre2217
Gloss Stay Bright 20 Litre4826
Gloss10 Litre1892
Super Satin 20 Litre4095
Satin Stay Bright1 Litre243
5in1 Super Gloss1 Litre242
5in1 Super Gloss4 Litre927
Super Satin1 Litre221
Gloss20 Litre3660
Super Satin4 Litre853
Gloss Stay Bright 1 Litre282
GlossGloss4 Litre795
Gloss 5in1 Super Gloss20 Litre4309
GlossGloss1 Litre209
Super Satin10 Litre2095
BrightGloss Stay Bright4 Litre1052
BrightSatin Stay Bright20 Litre4607

You can download Dulux Paints Price List 2022 PDF Download Free using the link given below.

Dulux Paints Price List 2022 PDF Download Free

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