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Cheiro’s Book of Numbers
Name of BookCheiros Book of Numbers
Book by LanguageEnglish
Book by Size10.4 MB
Total Pages194
PDF CategoryMathematics

Cheiros Book of Numbers PDF

Excerpt From The Book

I T naturally follows that if a person should make a special  study of any one subject, from long experience, cultivation and studious research, he will in the end unravel, at least to some extent, the so-called mysteries of the subject on which he has so concentrated his attention.

To the student of Art, Art reveals her mysteries of colour, form, design, pose, and a thousand and one subtleties that escape the ordinary observer. To the student of Biology every leaf tells its own story, every tree its age, every flower its own pedigree.

To the student of Science, what is magic to the uninitiated becomes a natural phenomenon with general laws, governed by rules or calculations that all who choose can learn and understand.

In presenting this book to the public I need then offer no other apology for so doing, than that of having been a  student of this particular branch of thought for a very long  period, and having proved so-called theories by countless  experiments and experiences, I feel I am at last in a position to give to the world at large the result of such studies.

It is admitted by all that the occult side of things has been the one side of life the least explored or investigated. That there is an occult or hidden part in actual relation to human life is on every side a conceded fact, but before this mystery—the greatest of all—the majority of thinkers have held themselves aloof.

In our age the physical and mechanical sciences have called for the greatest attention, yet such things as wireless communication and radium, to-day household words, have been stumbled across by so-called chance.

Already wireless communication has saved hundreds of lives, radium has done likewise, the mysteries of yesterday have become the commonplaces of to-day, and so knowledge in the eternal fitness of things becomes the servant of those who serve.

 In pursuit of the laws which have controlled thought in recent centuries, man has, in earning his successes on the physical and mechanical plane, forgotten the loss he has sustained from the lack of study and observation on the occult or psychic side of humanity. He is more occupied to-day in building implements for the destruction of life than he is in the problems of life itself, or in the finding out of those laws which create, control, and sustain life.

When Newton discovered gravitation, it was not supposed for a moment that he had solved the problem of the spheres, and it is sometimes forgotten that when he came to realise that beyond our system of stars, sun, moon and planets there were again the “fixed stars” with their

countless systems, in the magnitude of the problem, he could only decide that there was again some occult law behind all, greater than any known law that could even be imagined.

With these few words as a preface, I will endeavour to make my theory so clear that I hope anyone of ordinary intelligence may be able to follow and experiment with certain rules which will be treated in the following chapters.

During my earlier years, when travelling in the East, it had been my good fortune to come in contact with a certain sect of Brahmins who had kept in their hands from almost prehistoric times studies and practices of an occult nature which they regarded as sacredly as they did their own religious teachings.

Among other things, they permitted me to learn certain theories on the occult significance of numbers and their influence and relation to human life, which subsequent years and manifold experiences not only confirmed, but justified me in endeavouring to apply them in a practical sense so that others might also use this knowledge with, I hope, advantage to themselves and to those around them.

The ancient Hindu searchers after Nature’s laws, it must be remembered, were in former years masters of all such studies, but in transmitting their knowledge to their descendants, they so endeavoured to hide their secrets from the common people that in most cases the key to the problem ecame lost, and the truth that had been discovered became buried in the dust of superstition and charlatanism, to be re-formed, let us hope, when some similar cycle of thought in its own appointed time will again claim attention to this side of nature.

This ancient people, together with the Chaldeans and Egyptians, were the absolute masters of the occult or hidden meaning of numbers, in their application to time and in their relation to human life.

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Cheiros Book of Numbers PDF Free Download

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